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Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), committed to fostering a diverse, vibrant, and inclusive work environment at Lamont. Housed in the Lamont Directorate, this office was created in 2008 as a response to the recommendations of the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE program. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are integral to our achievement of academic and scientific excellence, and this office has developed and implemented a wide range of initiatives impacting different groups across campus. Read about some of these Lamont Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. As we commit to addressing systemic racism in our institutions, take a moment to also read President Bollinger's Statement on Columbia's Commitment to Anti-Racism. We hope this website provides you with useful information about DEI work at Lamont. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback. 

Maureen Raymo, Interim Director LDEO
Maureen Raymo, Interim Director LDEO
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Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director LDEO
Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director LDEO
Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director LDEO
Kuheli Dutt, Asst. Director, Academic Affairs & Diversity
Kuheli Dutt, Asst. Director, Academic Affairs & Diversity
Kuheli Dutt, Asst. Director, Academic Affairs & Diversity

Celebrate Marie Tharp and her pioneering contributions to science


Learn about our Secondary School Field Research Program (SSFRP)

Postdoctoral Affairs

Learn about postdoctoral affairs at Lamont, and our dynamic group of postdoctoral scientists

LGBTQ Awareness
LGBTQ+ Awareness

Learn about LGBTQ+ awareness at Lamont, and promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all

Multiracial hands
Anti-Racism & Race Talk

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Gender diversity
Gender & Diversity Coffee Hour

This initiative explores the subject of gender diversity and inclusion in order to promote awareness and discussion

Women in Science
Women in Science at Lamont

Join us on a voyage of discovery as we explore the fascinating, exciting, and important work done by Lamont's women scientists

Gender inequality scales
Title IX at Lamont and Columbia

Learn about Title IX, including Columbia's policies and procedures on gender misconduct, harassment, and discrimination.

Avoiding Implicit Bias

Explore research on STEM diversity, including how to avoid implicit bias when writing recommendation letters

Monell Lamont overhead view

The Lamont Code of Conduct outlines community standards at Lamont

Snow Lamont
Lamont Work Environment Survey

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Monell building Lamont Directorate

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